We値l Train Your Staff In Just One Day

To Be The Best Waiters In The USA



The Quick-Fix to your Service Training & Staffing Problems

Under the direction of: Ian Maksik, "Professor of Service"


Because you don't have the time to devote to service training, are you forced to advertise for


"Experienced Waiters (m/f) Only"? Do you find that qualified applicants responding to your ads


are scarce or non-existent? Do you realize that today's savvy public expects the food service


industry to provide not only "good food" but "great service"? Are you forced to hire unqualified


Temps. to supplement your dwindling supply of steady Wait-staff? Training is the Solution!


Here's An Offer That's Hard to Refuse:


First ... We'll critique your operation's service standards.

Second ... We'll jointly prepare a personalized service manual.

Third ... We'll design an Ad attracting new hires to train with your steadies

Fourth ... In One Session we値l train the new hires and your steadies to be The Best


We'll train your staff in the "precise principles of proper service" along possible new hires who have been drawn to you with the promise of Cost Free Career Training in Americas 6th Largest Growing Profession, that of Professional Waiter (m/f). We値l train the newcomers along with your steadies. You値l find that those who train together work well together in a relationship built on mutual respect. We値l provide you with a training manual and final exam so that the best of the new applicants may become your auxiliary crew to begin with and possible future permanent associates. Our 摘nter-Training and morale building teaching style has helped to make us the Primary Table Service Trainers in America.


Quick-Fix Service Seminar Plans:


One Day Six-Hour Short Course..."Quick Waiter Training"

Covering the ABC痴 of American Service Standards yet geared to your personalized criteria.


Two Day Staff Training Program..."Basic Waiter Training"

Two 5-hour sessions on the A to Z's of Table Service with more hands-on practice.


We値l Become Your Training Partners For

A Very Comfortably Priced Investment


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