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That Showcases The World’s Largest Industry “HOSPITALITY”


Hosted by: Ian Maksik

Ian has 48 years of Hospitality experience.  He’s produced over 17,00 weddings and

Thousands of other high-profile events. He is respected as a professional opener, lecturer, motivator, trainer, consultant and spokesperson for the Hospitality industry. His students and peers refer to him as “Professor Service” and TV personality Bill Boggs affectionately dubbed him “King of The Caterers”


Finally there is a Radio Forum around which Sponsors may proudly advertise, for there is no other show or Radio or TV devoted to “Hospitality”


We have over 156 weeks of Subject matter. The Show will have three segments:


“Cater Talk”   “Service Talk”   “Job Search”


Each Segment will feature a weekly “Helpful Hint” and “A Guest Expert” directly related to the topic. (Some of the Guests may represent the Sponsors.)  We’ve picked a Saturday/ Sunday time slot, enabling all those weekend catering shoppers to find immediate answers to their event planning problems. From menu to venue we’ll solve them all on “Hospitality” Talk-radio!


Radio is Hot and Credible!  It follows your customers to work, at home and in the car. Radio allows affordable repetition and covers your entire trading area.  It reaches those who don’t read newspapers and you never have to “share a page” on radio. The public will listen to, like and trust hosts who are experts and Ian Maksik’s counsel has been followed for years. Promote your product or service as a sponsor of “Hospitality”!


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