RECENT COMMENTS FROM NACE CONFERENCE IN PALM SPRINGS: Conference evaluations were overwhelmingly positive and your education program was cited by many as a conference highlight. Thank you again for your participation. We hope to see you in Charleston, South Carolina.


Enclosed are some of the attendees comments: Excellent … He is Superb! … Great, Needs more time! … Great! … Phew! Wonderful – wish I had 2-3 days. Thank you! … THE BEST! …Entertaining, informative and Captivating … Excellent!  This is long overdue for everyone to learn about! Thank you! … I was reminded of lots of techniques that are so often misinterpreted in today’s service staff… Informative,  entertaining and easy to follow. Lots of common sense! … Just not enough time to fully deliver, great personality… Need him at another conference, need an etiquette speaker at each conference… Not enough time – but fantastic! … Very enthusiastic and entertaining.  He’s very passionate about what he does.  Really enjoyed this! … Thank you! Very helpful course, especially for someone like me who has never worked in a restaurant…


Dear Ian:  It was nice meeting you – the seminars you taught were very inspirational for me. Carole Paddock-Lail, Office Manager, The Red Wind Casino, Olympia, WA


GRADUATES OF THE IAN B. MAKSIK SCHOOL: Your class was not only enjoyable and informative, It also confirmed the love I have for Food Service Training. Thank you! Kesi …

Hi Ian, Just wanted to say thanks, I am now a Working Waitress at Sylvia’s Restaurant. I couldn’t have done it without you!  You’re the Best … Deborah  (Ian B. Maksik School Graduate)


ASSOCIATION OF BRIDAL CONSULTANTS CONFERENCE ATTENDEE: I just wanted to thank you for your informative round table lesson on table service at the ABC meeting in Stamford. I wish we could have had longer to hear you speak.  I am so intrigued by your specialty that I was wondering if I might obtain information on any book, manual resource class that you have either authored or simply recommend. I really anticipate learning more about the “lost art” of proper service.


THE STAFF OF THE MONARCH HOTEL: Ian, our Monarch Team would like to say thank you for your insight and training and for all the new learning’s. Regards Judith and the Monarch Team


FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: Thank you so much for coming to FIU to speak to us. I really enjoyed myself. You were very knowledgeable, informative and entertaining. I learned a great deal from you!  Alisah Jeffries, FIU Student … Dear Mr. Maksik, I just wanted to thank you again for your training on Friday. I learned a lot. Personally, it was interesting to see different ways of serving and to learn that there is a right way for different occasions.  Thanks again, I enjoyed the training very much.  Claudia Zellner, President of SMART


SEMINAR AT FIU FOR CATERER’S STAFF: Ian, Just wanted to let you know what a Superb job you did and I can’t wait to use what I learned.  Your class has to become a definite part of the Hospitality School.  You do a great job on keeping everyone’s attention.  Thank you again. It was great. Suzie Crowley, Bill’s Catering


NATIONAL RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION: Dear Ian: On behalf of the National Restaurant Association and especially those in attendance at your program, and with an added personal thanks of my own, thank you for helping our folks learn about proper table service, at the recent National Restaurant Association Show.  The entire Show was an outstanding success, as was the educational programming, thanks to you and others who share of their time and talents in being with us. Richard J. Gaven, Senior Vice President, Convention & Chicago Office


VICA (VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA) JUDGE OF ANNUAL SERVICE CONTEST & MINI SEMINAR: (Hospitality Training at the High School level.) Ian, Once again you have done an excellent job. Thank You, Jaime


KEYNOTE, INFOGENESIS AT OPRYLAND: Hi Ian, Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work and compliment you on your fabulous performance yesterday.  I really appreciate your passion for the business ad your passion to give to everyone from a front line person to a CEO to those with whom you work. Warmest regards, The “Spiel” Bob Brown  (Mr. Maksik’s hero and the guru of verbal sales)


RESTAURANT OWNER/STUDENT – SERVICE SEMINAR ATLANTA: Hi Ian: Thanks again for the training in Atlanta.  You are a huge asset to this industry and I wish that more restaurants would take very seriously the issues in which you are so well versed.  Maybe then we’d end up with servers who don’t throw your food in front of you or someone who has zero knowledge of what they are serving.  Your attention to the “fussiness” of this business really caught my eye.  Thanks again for everything and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon  (Nashville) Jim D’Alessandro


SEARCH FOUNDATION OF ISES: Dear Ian, Being part of something special has it’s own rewards, working with you as part of our team made it extra special at every level. It’s easy to get the work done when you’re getting paid, our pay for this adventure is and always will be great pride in what we were able to accomplish in so short a time with all volunteers.  I must share with you that this was one of the most gratifying events I have ever been part of. Everyone took it personally and everyone gave all that they could.  On a personal note, I want to thank you personally for your service to us and to SEARCH.  I was disappointed that the dammed penguin wouldn’t take the fish, but as always you were the best waiter in town.  The event could not have been as fabulous without your caring contribution of time and love. Your efforts made my job a lot easier, if not more pleasant.  Martin G. (Uncle Marty) CSEP


THE DAILY NEWS JOB HUNT: Dear Ian, the Daily News Job Hunt Hotline was a smashing success, thanks to you.  As you know, hundreds of callers were helped during the two days.  Your expertise provided many with the missing link that had been lacking in their job search.  But it was your caring and listening that made the most difference to so many. We knew, from your official bio, that you had the qualifications and experience to provide expert job advice. But there was no way to tell what kind of a person you were and how well you would connect with the people who phoned you.  Anyway, this was a pleasure for us and we thank you for your role.  Maybe we can do this again sometimes soon.  Would you be interested?  Sincerely, Mary Ann Giordano, Deputy Metro Editor & Tom Kelly, City Desk Assistant


NCA- NATIONAL CATERER’S ASSOCIATION: Dear Ian Maksik: Thank you for speaking at he National Caterers Association Conference in Atlanta earlier this month.  Your seminar on The Art of Table Service was a huge success. Some attendees were rating it a 5+ on a scale of 1 to 5. Sincerely,

Debra Lykkemark, NCA Secretary, Chair for 1999 Educational Conference


CATERCOURCE 2001: Dear Ian … Just a quick note to express our appreciation for your hard work before and during our educational conference!  Our first inclination, based on verbal comments, is to claim a big victory with respect to your participation!  Once again thanks for your participation at CaterSource 2001!  Sincerely, Michael Roman, President


COMMENTS ON ARTICLE WRITTEN FOR RESTAURANT REPORT: Dear Ian, I read your comments in Restaurant Report on the problem on theft in the restaurant. It was excellent.  Ron


CONSULTING FOR LACKMANN FOODSERVICE: Ian, These few words are sent to thank you for everything you’ve done. Thanks for your support and valued expertise. Kimberly, Lackmann Culinary  Services.


NIGHTCLUB AND BAR CONVENTION AND TRADE SHOW, MIAMI, 2001: Ian, You proved you are the “Master of Service”.  I appreciate all of your hard work. You added a new and much needed element to the show. Thank you again!  Sincerely, Jennifer Williams, Editor, Restaurant Marketing


EVENT MANAGEMENT FOR THREE NBA, ALL-STAR GAME PARTIES FOR BET, BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION (RAN EVENTS TRAINED & SUPERVISED STAFF) Dear Ian, I cannot put into words how much your support and effort meant to the restaurant.  You are truly a professional and the events could not have been pulled off without you.  Your attention to detail and passion for service is contagious. I look forward to working with you again.  Thank you, Derek


ENTIRE DAY OF SERVICE TRAINING SEMINARS FOR THE SALES STAFF OF LIBBEY FOOD SERVICE: Hi Ian – You played to rave reviews!!!!!  Wonderful job. Many of my fellow employees are thinking about not only what you presented, but how they might be able to widen the world of service with your help so you might expect a few calls.  James Girolamo, Libbey Food Service


SERVICE SEMINAR FOR ABC IN ATLANTA, GA: Dear Ian – Thank you for an outstanding seminar – it really was terrific and I learned so much, I’m sure everyone else did too.  I look forward to using the “pearls” I gathered at my very next wedding – and all that follow. Fondly, Sue Winner, ABC


CATERSOURCE ATTENDEE & USER OF “A to Z’s” TRAINING VIDEO: I have attended your seminars two years in a row at CaterSource in Las Vegas and have learned as well as laughed in your classes.  I train my crew with your video and manual, the “A to Z’s of Professional Table Service”  Elizabeth Locke -Thomas, Director of Food & Beverage, San Luis Rey Downs Golf Club & Resort


SCHOOL GRADUATE AND OWNER OF CLASSE CATERING: Ian Hi, I am hosting our waiter (m/f) training program this weekend.  I have based the curriculum on the sessions that Angelina and I attended in February.  Your video, Las Vegas Presentation and Marathon Course have been a tremendous benefit to our company and my career as well. Thanks again.  Brain Palazzolo, Classe Catering, Albany, NY



great to see you again in New York.  Once again, great presentation!  Thank you for all your time and effort in putting your program together. It was certainly well received.  James T. Davidson –VP Professional Development


WORLD GAMING CONGRESS: Thank you for speaking during World Gaming Congress & Expo.  What a STAR you are!  Your audience could of went on listening for hours.  I do hope you will consider speaking engagements with World Gaming Congress & Expo the future?  Leah Koza – Account manager Casino Resort Business Magazine for the Casino Hospitality Professional


PUERTO RICO HOTEL ASSOCIATION TRADE SHOW AND CONFERENCE: We’ve been receiving excellent feedback from our attendees.  The evaluation forms from your seminar have been consolidated. On a scale of 1 to 6 you received a 6:00.  Congratulations on a job well done!  Erin K. Benites-Executive VP, The Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association


TRAINING THE STAFF OF BET ON JAZZ, WASHINGTON DC: You are truly a professor of service. I cannot begin to tell you about the difference you made with my management team and staff.  Over the past week I have received so many compliments about the level of service improvements from both senior management and regular customers. Cheers!   Derek Newton – VP of Restaurant Operations BET


SYSCO SALES CONFERENCE IN DALLAS; I saw your presentation at the recent SYSCO conference in Dallas, and was quite impressed (as were most of my peers).  My counterpart in South Carolina agrees that many of our customers could use a crash course in how to properly wait tables. I understand that you have a video available that touches on many of the topics you covered during your presentation.  How do we go about ordering it?  Also, if we at SYSCO Food Services of Charlotte were interested in utilizing your expertise at one of our big Trade Shows, how much notice do you need? Thanks for your time.  Steve Morley - FSS Specialist SYSCO Food Services of Charlotte


ABC CONFERENCE: Just a note of thanks for your energetic and educational presentation at the ABC Conference.  I learned so much and loved all of your tips and ideas.  I have already begun incorporating some of them into our routine.  Jennifer M. Garber – Professional Bridal Consultant Prescott Resort Conference Center and Casino


CATERSOURCE CONFERENCE AT THE RIO IN VEGAS: Ian, it was great meeting you in Las Vegas.  Your classes were excellent!  Please send me the specifics of your Feb. classes at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem. Thanks!


EVENT SOLUTIONS ’99 ATTENDEE &  “A to Z’s” VIDEO USER: Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful seminar you had at the Event Solutions Expo ‘99.  For me your seminar was the most informative and the most fun!  You are a great speaker.  I have only been taught the procedures of being a banquet “female waiter” by the local employees at the hotel.  I never had any formal training.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to see what larger properties do. We are implementing some of the procedures in your video and people are noticing. We have had many compliments on the staff and the overall appearance of our events.  The training kit was one of the best investments that we have made. Again, thank you for the wonderful seminar and training tapes. You have made a difference in our business.


TRAINING STAFF OF NEGRIL RESTAURANT NEW YORK:  We would like to thank you again for running your training session in our restaurant and imparting your extensive and excellent knowledge on the restaurant business.  I would also like to thank you for your patience and kindness. Tamika Garvey – Negril Restaurant, New York


STERUP SQUARE RESTAURANT AND CATERERS, TROY NY: Dear Ian, I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful seminar you gave my staff and myself, these past few days. I can not tell you how informative it was and how interesting you made the seminar.  The waitstaff began to make changes in the way they prepared table settings but also dealing with customers.  You became the catalyst we needed to change us from a FOUR star to a FIVE star restaurant. The changes have begun, and I will continue to use the knowledge you have given me to keep the staff on their “toes” and make this restaurant even better than it already is.


COMMENTS FROM THE FOH STAFF OF THE SHERATON EATONTOWN SERVICE TRAINING:  The course was Great! … This training program was perfect … It was excellent! … The managers kept telling us we were doing it wrong, now I believe them because Mr. Maksik is The Professor of Service… Mr. Maksik taught me things that will help me make money, thank you Sheraton for bringing him in … I loved the course on wine and meat cuts. I never knew any of this before… Three days was not enough. You should do this on a regular basis.  I just wanted to learn and learn and learn … I loved the info on the various types of service, meat cuts, napkin folding and table-settings. It was great… Now we’ve got to teach the new hires what we know … You never had a teacher like Professor Service before, thank you!