49% of Guests Return to Food Service Establishments due to Service.

Only 12% Return for the Food.
11% for the Atmosphere and
28% for Miscellaneous Reasons (according to National Restaurant Association survey)
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How to Make Your Service Staff Spectacular?

Ian Maksik

"Restaurants, Caterers, Hotels and Country Clubs just don't spend enough time training their Waiters (m/f). What a crime! The Waiter is the best salesperson in the hospitality industry" says Service Guru, Ian Maksik. Mr. Maksik is trying to alleviate the situation. He owns the Ian B. Maksik School of Table Service, the only school of its kind in the country. It's his goal to standardize service in America so that service is performed one way, the right way. Mr. Maksik is a renowned professional trainer, lecturer and motivatational speaker for the hospitality industry. He travels the country teaching the ARt and Science of Service to owners of food facilities, their staff, college students needing to become servers in order to work their way through college and hosts and hostesses wishing to improve their entertaining skills in home or office. He teaches corporate prototcol to executives in the office and trains household staff (maids and butlers) to perform the percise principles of proper etiquette at home. Mr. Maksik opened a dozen food-facilities and has corrdinated over 17,000 weddings and thousands of high-profile events. He has become the household name for service tricks-of-the-trade. His peers and students affectionately call him "Professor Service". Mr. Maksik is a Cornell Hotel School graduate and former Catering Editor of the CUEmagazine. He comes from a show-biz background. His family owned the largest nightclub, the 3000 seat, Ben Maksik's Town & Contry Club in Brooklyn. Imagine serving 7200 covers on a typical Saturday night and hosting 27 weddings at one time on a a Sunday. Talk about having a la carte and banquet experience, he's had 41 years of both.

Mr. Maksik trains hundreds of neophytes in the ARt & Science of Service every year. He then places them in temporary and permanent positions in the hospitality industry through his licensed employment agency, 1-800-USA-WAITER.

In his spare time, "Professor Service" works for Project Waiter, Inc. He initiated this organization to jump-start train needy people for entry-level positions in the hopsitality industry. This year, Mr. Maksik is looking forward to his "Train-the-Trainer Seminar Series" and the airing of his radio show, "Hospitality". "86"